The client had an existing dashboard that nursing and medical professionals used to monitor sensor data place in the homes, apartments, and living spaces of senior citizens.  There was a need to create a more user friendly dashboard for family members to access the sensor data that might be relavent to their interests.  I was brought in to do the user experience role for the creation of this new dashboard.

Baseline user testing of original dashboard, using Silverback.  I ran users against the old nursing interface to determine 1) a baseline for improvements and 2) gauge general difficulty in using the technical interface.

Brainstorming business goals and customer needs.

Early brainstorming about personas and dashboard functionality.

Early persona.  Part of the process I used to show the types of users that would be accessing the new dashboard.

Initial user persona list.  I used these to show the different interaction needs for a single sensor deployment.

Early work on screen flow.
Early process flow for data tile display.

Early wireframe, created after white board session.

Clicking on specific sections of the data tile would open up more specific information about that tile.
This is the default view after log in, showing the day and night views of the most recent sensor collection data.

By default, tiles of related information would be stacked.  This shows the behavior of the page when the tiles have been unstacked.
This is the default screen with tiles stacked.
This mockup shows how a user would edit password information.  This part of the process was complicated, as it was a new dashboard system accessing functionality from a pre-exisiting application.
Tiles have different behaviors in the dashboard.
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